Monday, February 6, 2012

Eric Church is My Favorite Country Artist

I know I have mentioned various artists in the past
and I can see where some of those posts may have led you to believe that they are my favorite country artist. I am here to clear that confusion

Undoubtedly, Eric Church is my favorite country artist. I love every single one of his songs, plus he is completely attractive. He has that sexy, savvy air about him that I just can't resist. Plus the ruggedly good looks that stems from his dark hair.

On a less creepy note, here are my top ten favorite Eric Church songs:

10. Love Your Love the Most
9. Jack Daniels
8. Guys Like Me
7. Homeboy
6. Smoke a Little Smoke
5. Sinners Like Me
4. Hell on the Heart
3. Drink in My Hand
2. Carolina
1. Springsteen

Ugh... that was hard and I still feel slightly unsettled about the results. I really love all of his songs. I should have just said my favorite song is Springsteen, because after that it gets really blurry.

Anyway, if I were able to get Eric Church tickets that go on sale soon... I would be a happy camper. I would also be happy if he wasn't married, but since he is and since I'm no home wreck... I'll settle for tickets!