Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Music News: Gloriana

Over the past few weeks I have fallen in love with a new band named Gloriana. I am addicted to there song that is on the radio called "Wild at Heart." I didn't know much about them so I decided to look them up and this is what I found... The band started with brothers Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin. The brothers moved to Nashville and discovered Rachel Reinert and shortly after that a girl named Cheyenne Kimball came to one of there concert and asked to "jam" with them and she became the 4th member of Gloriana. Gloriana spent months writing songs and playing in front of live audiences before making an album. I haven't heard any of there other songs but if they are as good as "Wild at Heart" I know this CD with be a smash! I can't wait to hear Gloriana when they open for Taylor Swift at the Xcel Energy Center on October 10 along with Kelly Pickler. These Xcel Energy Center tickets haven't gone on sale yet but when they do I will let you know. Please let me know what you think of this new band, Gloriana. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Country Concerts in MN: Keith Urban

............................that is me being speechless about the Keith Urban concert at the Xcel Energy Center. He was AMAZING and it was definitely the best concert I have been too! The night started out great because I tricked my friend Jamie earlier in the day and told her we didn't have very good Xcel Energy Center tickets but when we got there I walked her down to our real seats which were 7 rows from the stage. There isn't a whole lot I can say about the Zac Brown Band because I'm not really a huge fan so I didn't really listen to them but they did do a really good job getting the crowd pumped up when they sang "Chicken Fried." Keith Urban put on an amazing show from the second he came up through the floor in a cloud of smoke. Keith Urban sounded better in person then he does on his Cd's or the radio. My favorite song that he sang had to be "Stupid Boy" because I have always loved that song and to see him play the guitar solo in person made me speechless. Keith Urban did a great job at connecting with the audience and even walked across the floor and played a couple songs on the other side of the Xcel so fans that were further away got a chance to see him sing up close. I can't wait until I get a chance to see Keith Urban again because if he is playing anywhere close to Minnesota I would not miss it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Country Music News: CMA International Artist Achievement Awards

Yesterday, my "husband" Dierks Bentley and Brooks and Dunn recieved the CMA International Artist Achievement Awards. This award recognizes outstanding achievement by a U.S.-based artist who contributes to the awareness and development of country music outside of the United States. The award was presented to Dierks and Brooks and Dunn in Australia where they are currently touring. I love these country men and think they deserve any award they received because all of them have added so much to the country world.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Concert in MN: Keith Urban

I can't believe the Keith Urban concert is only 8 days away! This is my first time seeing Keith Urban and I can't wait because I have heard nothing but amazing things about his concerts. It was hard to do but I finally came up with a list of the top 5 songs I am most excited to hear next Friday by Keith Urban: 5."You Look Good In My Shirt" 4."Raining on Sunday" 3."Sweet Thing" 2."Stupid Boy" and #1. "I Told You So." Let me know what your top 5 is because maybe I am forgetting a song. If for some reason you don't already know or forgot I will remind you...Keith Urban will be playing at the Xcel Energy Center on May 14th at 7:30. Don't worry Keith Urban tickets are still available and I know this because more of my friends asked to come and I had to find more tickets to buy last night :)