Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Concert in MN: Keith Urban

I can't believe the Keith Urban concert is only 8 days away! This is my first time seeing Keith Urban and I can't wait because I have heard nothing but amazing things about his concerts. It was hard to do but I finally came up with a list of the top 5 songs I am most excited to hear next Friday by Keith Urban: 5."You Look Good In My Shirt" 4."Raining on Sunday" 3."Sweet Thing" 2."Stupid Boy" and #1. "I Told You So." Let me know what your top 5 is because maybe I am forgetting a song. If for some reason you don't already know or forgot I will remind you...Keith Urban will be playing at the Xcel Energy Center on May 14th at 7:30. Don't worry Keith Urban tickets are still available and I know this because more of my friends asked to come and I had to find more tickets to buy last night :)


Kristy said...

Country Girl 102,

Check out Cortneys blog post GOT MY BOOTS on her site - she has a video of a kid rockin' out to that "Got My Boots On" song that you love!

Country Music Girl said...

I know michael emailed it to me awhile ago that video is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Keith Urban! I think his stage set-up is going to be amazing and I love Xcel Energy Center concerts. The sound quality is first-class.