Monday, September 14, 2009

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football team at the TCF Bank Stadium

My number one true love is and will always be country music! There is nothing else on this earth that can make me happy, sad, excited and many other things with in just a few minutes. But, I figured I could share my second love with everyone which is sports. My dad is a gym teacher and self proclaimed "Minnesota's biggest sports fan" so I grew up watching ESPN every night. I love all of Minnesota's professional teams like the MN Vikings, MN Twins, MN Wild and yes even the MN Thunder. I love watching all those teams but I have always enjoyed watching Minnesota college teams better. With the professional teams you are never quit sure if the players are there because they love the game or because of the money and fame. With college players you can see that they are playing for the love of the game because they give everything they have throughout the whole game. I got a chance to expeirence this live when I went to the Minnesota Gophers vs Air Force football game last weekend. It was the first game the Minnesota Gophers played at the new TCF Bank Stadium and I couldn't imagine a better stadium. The Minnesota Gophers use to play at the Metrodome which is also a nice facility but never seemed like the right venue for a college football team. The TCF Bank stadium has a great college atmosphere. The University of Minnesota Marching band sounded amazing and you could hear them no matter where you sat in the TCF Bank Stadium because every seat is great there. It was also great to finally be able to watch the Minnesota Gopher football team play outside on a beautiful September day. Everything about the TCF Bank stadium is great and I can't wait to go back for another game. The Gophers won thier first game so TCF Bank Stadium tickets will be even harder to get now then they were before. I am planning on purchasing as many Minnesota Gopher football tickets as I can before they are all sold out.

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Gopher Fan said...

I agree Minnesota Gophers football (or any college football) is way better than professional. I love the Gophers and this new stadium is spectacular. I look forward to hanging a Rose Bowl banner there in the future!

Go Gophers!