Monday, March 1, 2010

Country Concerts at The Rock in Minnesota

I was looking around to see which country artist would be performing in Minnesota in the next couple months and a lot of them had one thing in common....most of the country artist coming to Minnesota will be performing at The Rock Nightclub. I just wrote a blog about Jimmy Wayne coming to The Rock on March 6 and there will be many great country artist following him. LoCash Cowboys will be performing there on March 18th. LoCash Cowboys are up-and-coming artist who already have thousands and thousands of fans. Before LoCash Cowboys were signed to a record label they toured with Charlie Daniels and ZZ Top. LoCash Cowboys became very popular by just playing at different bars and made a large name for themselves. This is a concert I would not miss! James Otto will be performing at The Rock on April 9th. In 2007, James Otto released his #1 single "Just Got Started Lovin' You." James Otto has an amazing voice and a lot of great song that never became very popular but I would highly recommend listening to his cd and then go to his show. Justin Moore will be performing at The Rock on April 30th. Justin Moore released his first album on August 11, 2009. On that album are two of my new favorite country songs "Small Town USA" and "Backwoods." Finally, the artist I am most excited to see perform at The Rock is Josh Gracin. Josh Gracin was on the second season of American Idol. After he left American Idol, Josh Gracin became a very popular country artist. Josh Gracin came out with great singles like "I Want to Live," "Nothin' to Loose," "Stay With Me (brass bed)" and "We Weren't Crazy." I have always stayed a Josh Gracin fan and I can't wait to see him perform live! I know that all of these artist will be so fun/exciting to see and it is nice that it won't cost an arm and a leg to go to these shows. I went to The Rock to see David Nail and even though the Nightclub is very small and a little run-down it is still a fun atmosphere. Let me know if you have gone to any shows at this venue.

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