Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Country Music News: Top 20 artist of the decade

I have always been a huge supporter and fan of country music and it is nice to know that most of America is right there with me. A list of the top 20 biggest album sellers of the decade was released and country artists held 7 of those spots! Many of the country artist beat out huge artist/bands including: Nickelback, Britney Spears, Metallica, *NSYNC and so on... I feel so proud when are read news like this and I hope all of you feel the same pride that Americans are supporting true musicians. The list included:
#3 Tim McGraw- 24.3 million albums
#4 Toby Keith- 24.2 million albums
#6 Kenny Chesney- 21.4 million albums
#13 Rascal Flatts- 18.8 million albums
#15 Alan Jackson- 18.5 million albums
#17 Dixie Chicks- 18.3 million albums
#18 Johnny Cash- 17.9 million albums


Anonymous said...

No surprise that Tim McGraw is near the top!

I am surprised that Brooks and Dunn or George Strait didn't make the list.

Anonymous said...

Hey Country Girl 102 - do you have any plans to hit any of the Country Music Fests this summer? i.e. Winstock, WeFest etc.

Which one do you think has the best line-up?

Country Music Girl said...

I am planning on going to WeFest and Country Splash I am more excited for Country Splash because there will be so many good performers there and its not that far away unlike WeFest which is a 6 hour drive but totally worth the drive. As the festivals get closer I will write more about them!

Twin Cities Music Fan said...

Thankfully Toby Keith was on the list - he is the biggest and baddest afterall!