Monday, August 31, 2009

Jason Aldean Concert at the Minnesota State Fair

This weekend I went to the Jason Aldean concert at the Minnesota State Fair and it was one of my top 3 favorite concerts I have ever been too. I had the best Jason Aldean tickets in the whole Grandstand. My seats were in the front row and right in front of us was the microphone that Jason Aldean sang in. Jason Aldean did an amazing job at entertaining the whole crowd during the entire show. When I looked behind me every single person in the grandstand was standing and dancing and singing along. Jason Aldean sang a bunch of his amazing songs like "Hicktowns", "Why", "Amarillo Sky", "She's Country" and his #1 single "Big Green Tractor." Jason Aldean had amazing energy and an amazing voice and I would go back and see him any day. During the last song a surprise guest joined Jason Aldean on stage. I didn't even have to buy Minnesota Vikings Tickets to get the chance to see Jared Allen up close because he was the surprise guest. Every moment of the Jason Aldean concert was amazing and I wish I could re-live that night every weekend!


Kristy said...

I love Jason Aldean. I am so jealous that you had such great Minnesota State Fair Concert Tickets!

Plus Jared Allen was there? BONUS! I saw Jared Allen at a Rascal Flatts concert at the Xcel Energy Center. He loves country music and I think I love him - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jason Aldean and Jared Allen - yum.

JLH said...

Thanks so much Country Girl for telling me where to get awesome tickets! I had the best night at the Jason Aldean concert! I owe it all to you!!! Thanks!