Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jason Aldean's New Single "The Truth"

I am in love with Jason Aldean's latest single called "The Truth." I have a feeling that there is a lot of us out there that can completely understand and relate to this song. Who hasn't been in a situation where a relationship ends and you want the other person to think you are doing great even if you might not be doing so well. That is what "The Truth" by Jason Aldean is about. Throughout the song he asks his friends to lie for him saying that he is out having the time of his life but the truth is that he is going crazy without her. Its a little hard to completely explain "The Truth" but if you take a few minutes to listen to the song you will understand it and most likely fall in love with "The Truth" by Jason Aldean like I did!

"The Truth" by Jason Aldean

Tell em all I'm on vacation,
Say I went to visit friends,
That you ain't heard or seen from me in quite a while,
When they ask you where I've been,
Tell em I'm out on the west coast where it don't ever rain,
And that I'm probably doing fine,

Just don't tell em I've gone crazy,
That I'm still strung out over you,
Tell em anything you want to,
Just don't tell em all the truth,
Yeah don't tell em all the truth,

Tell em all I'm out in Vegas,
Blowin' every dollar I ever made,
Tell em that I must be into something bad for me cause,
I sure lost a lot of weight,
Tell em I'm out on the road with some old rock and roll band,
Living like a gypsy can,


The truth is that I'm asking you to lie,
And we both know that it ain't right,
But if you ever loved me please,
Have some mercy on me,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Tell em anything you want to,
Just don't tell em all the truth,
Yeah don't tell em all the truth,
I still need you,
Yeah that's the truth,
I still love you,
Baby that's the truth.


B said...

how was this show, I wanted to go so bad!

Country Music Girl said...

Jason Aldean was by far one of my favorite country artist I have ever seen perform. The concert was so full of energy and Jason Aldean sounded amazing! I will def be first in line if Jason Aldean comes back to Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

I *HEART* Jason Aldean.

Country Girl, Have you thought of joining the Jason Aldean fan club?

Anonymous said...

Do you know when he is coming back?!