Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brooks & Dunn and Jason Aldean Concert in MN!!!

I can't believe Brooks & Dunn and Jason Aldean will be in Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center in just a few days!!! I have been waiting a very very long time to get the chance to see Jason Aldean. I saw Jason Aldean at the Minnesota State Fair last summer and it was by far the best country concert I have ever seen. I was recently selected to become an official blogger for Road Trips and Guitar Picks which is sponsors for Jason Aldean and Jewel. Thanks to Road Trips and Guitar Picks I get the chance to see Jason Aldean and get backstage passes to meet Jewel. They have a very cool website,, that has many pictures of fans and the artists and a lot of great articles about the artist so everyone should check it out! I am also very excited to see Brooks & Dunn for the first time which is ironically the last time they will be touring together. The song I am most excited to hear is one of their newest songs "Indian Summer!" If anyone has seen Brooks & Dunn in concert before please let me know what you thought of the experience.

Indian Summer
tall weeds laid flat down
on the hard black kansas ground
sad song in her head kept blowin round
she barely even knew his name
but she like the way he played the game
everybody cheered when he scored that last touchdown

indian summer,
the wonder,
the hunger,
and the sound of distant thunder,
indian summer

tangled in a moment of truth
bottle of wine in a motel room
blue haze circled round the cold gray moon
while the wind chased the leaves outside
passion found a place to hide
late september heat couldnt be denied

oh indian summer,
the wonder,
the hunger,
and the sound of distant thunder,
indian summer

she never even finished school
people like to talk, they can be so cruel
heard california was a place to start brand new
so she left that dust bowl town
sometimes when a long wind howls
i wonder where we'd be if i never scored that last touchdown

the wonder,
the hunger,
and the sound of distant thunder
indian summer


Anonymous said...

I love Jason Aldean!!!

Anonymous said...

this should be a great time!!

Aubrey said...

I haven't seen B&D before but saw Jason last summer. can't wait to see him again!!

Kristy said...

SOOOO???? Did you go to the Brooks and Dunn concert? How was it? I bet Jason Aldean rocked the Xcel Energy Center!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was wondering if anyone had a pic of brooks wearing hockey jersey at concert when he was signing autographs.??

Jaggerfan1 said...

If these 2 were still together, I wouldn't mind seeing them. They're pretty good, I know their music by their voices. You can't mistake their voices! They rock, and I love to say that country music is one of the better music genres out there!! way better than rap!!

william said...

I won that hockey jersey I have it any pics?