Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jewel in concert and backstage

Last night I got the chance to not only see Jewel in concert but I also got to go backstage and meet her and watch a private performance. The private performance was amazing! First my friend Anna and I got to take a picture with her, she answered a few questions and then she sang a song just a few feet away from me that she just recently wrote. My friend Anna asked Jewel why she switched to country music and Jewel explained that she always thought her music belonged on country stations because she likes writing meaningful songs but with her first label they wouldn't let her music play on country stations. I'm really glad that Anna asked that question because most of you know that I don't always like artist that switch over to country but after that explanation I completely understood her and no longer consider her a cross over artist. Jewel has such an amazing voice and is a very talented song writer. During her concert she sang a song called "Count to Ten" that will be on her new album and I am predicting that it will be a #1 single on the country stations. I had such an amazing time from start to finish. I was able to do all of this because of the people at Country Financial. They are sponsors for Jewel and Jason Aldean and I was lucky enough to be picked to become a blogger for them. You should check out their website because you can see a lot of fun pictures and videos and sign up to win contest. Thanks to everyone at Country Financial and especially Jay!

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Kristy said...

Country Girl 102 - I am so glad to hear that you had a good time at Jewel. I LOVE HER and I am so jealous that you got so close to her! I just googled the Jewel "Ten" song and it sounds AMAZING - can't wait to hear it on the radio and download it to my ipod!

LOVE YOUR PICTURES. I hope you get to do something like this again. Country Financial is awesome for getting you the passes.

By the way, your blog rocks!