Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crossing over to country

I have contemplated whether I was going to write this blog or not. I finally came to the decision that I would put my opinion out there about this topic and see what all of you are thinking about it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a "pop" star crosses over to country because they can't make it in the pop world anymore. The only exception I have is when someone does a duet with a country star for one song and then goes back to there own type of music. Like when Nelly did a duet with Tim Mcgraw on "Over and Over again" or Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow on "Picture." The newest artist I cant stand hearing on K102 or any other country station is Jessica Simpson. Yes her song "Come on Over" is a little catchy it still is not a country song in my book. She recently got "booed" at one of her first country concerts she preformed. She is also disliked by Dallas Cowboy fans. She is dating there quarterback Tony Roma. She seems to be bad luck since every game she goes to Tony doesn't play his "A" game. I just don't appreciate when an artist who has never showed any interest in country music crosses over just to make a little extra money or to get a little more fame. Maybe I am being closed minded let me know what you think of the cross over artist.

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Ticket King Minneapolis said...

I AGREE!! I liked her when I first found out who she was (probably just because she was associated with Nick Lachey) but after realizing she wasn't thaaaat great and after seeing her popularity slowly decline, I lost interest. Especially after seeing her on "Newlyweds" and seeing how her personality was, it's no surprise that her marriage to Nick didn't last long. Then she tried to switch to Country, claiming she's always been a country girl.. Well then why didn't she start there? Like you said, I also believe she just tried to make it somewhere new, where she thought fans might be more accepting.. Maybe she'll be a punk rocker next, whatd'ya think??