Monday, November 17, 2008

The Myth Concert experience

On Friday night three of my girlfriends (Lindsay, Mary, and Jamie) and I went to the Myth Nightclub to see Chris Cagle. I didn't know what to expect because, like I said in my previous post, I have never been to the Myth Nightclub before. I have heard some not great stuff about this club. I heard that the security is awful, that it gets extremely packed, and a few other things. I was happy to learn that none of this was true Friday night. My friends and I had the time of our lives! It is a fairly small club so you are really close to the performer and that is one of the things I loved about it. The opening band was a no-name band from a small city in Wisconsin. They were okay but, since you were so close to the band and felt like you were partying with them it didn't really matter what they sounded like. Chris Cagle sounded amazing and everyone there was so hyped to see him. It almost felt like a house party with everyone having a great time together and Chris Cagle just happened to be there partying too. I can't wait to go back there for the Gretchen Wilson concert on December 5th.

A few tips if you plan on going to the myth:
1. Get valet parking it is only $10 and it is totally worth it
2. Make friends with the bartender and bouncer it makes everones night more pleasant
3. Girls if you wear heels make sure they are comfy cause I got in trouble for taking my heels off for 2 seconds.


Cortney said...

Looks like you girls had a super fun time! Can't wait to hear about Gretchen Wilson!

JLH said...

I love your "tips" and I hope to see an addition for the Gretchen concert!