Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Country Music News: Dierks Bentley

I can't believe I forgot to mention that today is the release date of Dierks Bentley's new cd. I have been waiting for months for his newest album "Feel That Fire" to be released and the date is finally here! I am going to Target right after work and picking up a copy!!! If any of you get the cd today to let me know what you think of it :)


Kristy said...

Since I am addicted to itunes, I downloaded the CD ... my favories (beside "Feel that Fire"):

"Make you Close Your Eyes" - I am a sucker for a great love song

"Sideways" - great rowdy song

I also like "Pray and "Better Believer"

Clearly Dierks is a great guy with a great voice and this album is really good - the only songs I am not crazy about are the duet type songs - I don't like his partner choices. Any thoughts?

Country Music Girl said...

The Cd player in my car is still broken so I only got to listen to a few songs since I got the cd but I def agree with you I love the song "Make you Close Your Eyes" Its the type of song that you would expect from Dierks! I don't know which duet songs you are talking about but I will go home and listen again and get back to you!

Cortney said...

ooooh I'm going to have to hit up iTunes to download all these songs!

P.S. I thought you were getting the cd player fixed a couple of weeks ago?