Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Country Concerts in MN: Dierks Bentley & Keith Urban tickets

My concert partner Jamie just told me the most exciting news this morning. My prayers have finally been answered and my dream is coming true, Dierks Bentley is coming to Minnesota!!!!!!! The best part is that he isn't here for just one day but two days! On April 25Th and April 26Th Dierks Bentley will be at Mystic Lake Casino. The tickets haven't gone on sale yet but by this weekend I will probably have tickets for both nights and I will let you know where and how I got them. I am beyond excited to finally see "my husband" Dierks Bentley live in concert.
It has been a couple days since I have written a blog so I didn't get a chance to tell everyone that I got my Keith Urban tickets when he comes to the Xcel Energy Center on May 14Th. This is going to be the best year of country concerts I have experienced since I was born. I get excited every time I hear a Dierks, Urban, Zac Brown Band, and many other artist on the radio because I know it is just a matter of time before I see them in concert!


JLH said...

I am defanitly going to this concert in April! This year is getting better and better. All of this before Country Splash!!! Way excited!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What? Dierks Bentely is coming in concert? WOW! I would love to see him again - I saw him at the Minnesota State Fair last summer and he put on a great show - KEEP US POSTED Country Girl!

Katie said...

How do these casinos keep bringing in all of these big name stars?

It's awesome, but tickets can be hard to find some times.