Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Amazing Minnesota Wild Tickets

I know I have mentioned before that my second true love in life, right behind country music, is sports. I didn't mention that my favorite sport by far is hockey. I played hockey all throughout elementary, middle and high school. A lot of my happiest memories were made while play or watching hockey. Since I can remember the North Stars have been my favorite hockey team even though they were sold to Dallas. But, over the past few years the Minnesota Wild hockey team has become my new favorite hockey team. I have fallen in love with the organization and the players specially Mikko Koivu! Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a Minnesota Wild hockey game since it had been a stressful week. Little did I know that I was going to end up with the BEST Minnesota Wild tickets. My Minnesota Wild hockey tickets were right behind the Minnesota Wild penalty box, where I spent a lot of time when I played hockey, and I was so close to a lot of the Minnesota Wild players. If the stupid glass wasn't in the way I would have been able to touch the Wild players I was so close. The Minnesota Wild ended up winning 4-3 in overtime against the Anaheim Ducks. It was an amazing time being that close to the action and it was such an exciting game to watch! If you are ever stressed or just looking for a fun evening I suggest going to a Minnesota Wild game because it was the perfect thing to cheer me up!.....
These are the pictures I took from my seat

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B said...

You weren't kidding your seats were AMAZING!! How did you score those?