Friday, January 15, 2010

Brad Paisley Xcel Concert Tickets

The day is almost here!! Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert will be at the Xcel Energy Center on January 16th which is tomorrow!!! Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert have both released great songs recently. Brad Paisley has had the hit singles "American Saturday Night," "Welcome To the Future" and "Then" from his newest album, American Saturday Night. Miranda Lambert just released her album, Revolution, which had two singles that I love "Dead Flowers" and "White Liar" on it. I can't wait to hear all of these great songs and the rest of their amazing songs from the past. If you still don't have Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert tickets don't worry there are still plenty left. Brad Paisley tickets have actually dropped in price in the past week so now is the time to buy some!


Anonymous said...

Did you go to the show? Did you know any one that did?

Aubrey said...

Tha was an AWESOME show. My second time seeing him. He's great.
Miranda is good, not a fav of mine but I do like her.
Justin Moore wasn't bad either!