Friday, January 8, 2010

Country Band of the Decade

After writing my list of best country songs of the decade I starting thinking about who was my favorite country band of the decade. It took me about 30 seconds to come up with the answer...Rascal Flatts! Rascal Flatts accomplished so much in the 2000's and released a lot of amazing music! I know there are millions of country fans that love Rascal Flatts just as much as I do and the main reason is because of all their great songs they have sang in the past 10 years...

Rascal Flatts(2000)-has sold 2,303,000 copies
"Prayin' For Daylight"
"This Everyday Love"
"While You Loved Me"
"I'm Movin' On"

Melt(2002)-has sold 3,073,000 copies
"These Days"
"I Melt"
"Love You Out Loud"

Feels Like Today(2004)-has sold 5,149,000 copies
"Feels Like Today"
"Bless the Broken Road"
"Fast Cars and Freedom"
"Here's To You"

Me and My Gang-has sold 4,796,000 copies
"What Hurts the Most"
"I Feel Bad"
"My Wish"
"Me and My Gang"

Still Feels Good
"Take Me There"
"Bob That Head"
"Winner at a Losing Game"
"She Goes All the Way"

Unstoppable(2009)-has sold 1,030,796 copies
"Here Comes Goodbye"
"Summer Nights"

Another reason fans love Rascal Flatts so much is because they put on an unbelievable concert. I have been lucky enough to see them three times in concert and I would love to see them many more times! Rascal Flatts has headlined 6 major tours which were:

I Melt(2002-2003)
Here's to You(2004-2005)
Me and My Gang(2006-2007)
Still Feels Good(2007-2008)
Bob That Head(2008-2009)
American Living Unstoppable(2009-2010)

From 2001-2005 Rascal Flatts made $26.3 million and sold 777,384 tickets. In 2006, they made $46.2 million with their tour and sold over a million tickets. In 2007, Rascal Flatts made $34 million and sold 588,009 tickets. I know that Rascal Flatts won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I can't wait to hear all the songs they release in the future and see them in concert anytime they come to Minnesota!

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Kristy said...

I am not an obsessive Rascal Flatts fan, but I agree they have definitely ruled the decade as far as country music bands go...PLUS Rascal Flatts concerts always sell-out!