Monday, December 8, 2008

Gretchen Wilson 2

What can I say about the Gretchen Wilson concert besides that it was crazy. The opening band was awesome! They sang some great cover songs and def got the crowd pumped up for Gretchen. Lindsay, Amber, Jamie and I did a little of our own "pumping up" before Gretchen came on stage at the bar! They bar at the Myth is awesome it doesn't take long to get a drink and they def aren't shy with the alcohol. Gretchen Wilson sounded amazing, better than on her Cd's. She sang all of her hits and a few new ones. Everyone there was loving every song. Minus the one a**hole bouncer(don't ask to borrow a flashlight from the big/fat bouncer to find your friends missing earring!) everything about the venue was amazing yet again. It has such a fun atmosphere. We were so close to Gretchen that she waved at Amber and I. I would go back to the Myth Nightclub to see Gretchen Wilson or any other country performer in a heart beat.
A few more tips about the Myth Nightclub:
1. If at all possible don't bring a coat the coat check is not worth the hassle.
2. Drink slowly and avoid the shots. The bartenders at the Myth are not shy with the alcohol. They give you huge shots and put a lot of liquor in your mixed drinks.
3. If you go with multiple people have a buddy system it is easy to loose friends for hours in that place (love you Jamie!)
4.(this is only for country concerts I have been told) Make friends with the people around you! Everyone is there to have a great time and it is much more fun if you are able to party with a lot of people!
5. AVOID the very large bouncer. He is easy to spot and he is extremely mean and will try to kick you out for looking at him the wrong way or singing a song a little too loud. Just trust me on this one if he comes by you stay silent and look at the ground. Besides him all the bouncers are awesome so don't be shy to ask them a question or have fun with them!


JLH said...

I have to agree the concert was CRAZY! The Killer Hay Seeds rocked the place and I could have just stayed for them. Gretchen was amazing and my favorite part was the fan blowing her hair everywhere! LOL! Ok about the "tips"
1) I think that the coat check was well worth it because the line to get into the club was wrapped around the building in a Blizzard!
(Ok maybe I was the one that created the "hassle" LOL but I needed my damn coat!)
2)Take this SEROUSLY!
The bartenders at the Myth (aka Dan)know how to make the drinks and make them good! A concert is not a good place to be throwing up in the bathroom! Trust me!
3) Believe in the buddy-system; it saves everyone in the end!
4)I have to agree that talking with the people around you makes everyones night better!
5) Its really bad when you pay good money for a concert and have such bad people working the place! At least there were a few good guys to look out for us country girls!

Country Music Girl said...

ok ok maybe coat check is a good thing just make sure you always know where your ticket is to get your coats back! :) If everyone pays attention to the tips JLH and I have given you are guarenteed a great time!!!!