Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Country Concerts in MN: Chuck Wicks

My friend Jamie and I will be at it again next weekend! We are going to be at The Cabooze in Minneapolis On January 10Th to see Chuck Wicks. Chuck Wick was a participant on the reality show Nashville. It got cancelled in early 2007 after only 2 episodes. Later that year Chuck signed a record deal with RCA Nashville. His debut single off of his Starting Now album was "Stealing Cinderella." "Stealing Cinderella" was the biggest debut for any new country artist in 2007. I love this song and think it should have peaked higher than #5 on the country charts. His second single, which I also love, was "All I Ever Wanted." This song also broke the top 20 and peaked at #14 on the country charts. In August he start dating fellow country artist/Dancing with the Stars performer Julianne Hough. I'm hoping she might make a surprise appearance. I am so excited to hear Chuck Wicks two great songs and many I haven't heard from him yet. I already know I will have great stories to tell all of you after the concert since I will be with my concert friend Jamie. We walk away from every concert with interesting stories if you haven't been able to tell.


JLH said...

I think Chuck Wicks might be my new favorite Country Star! He is so damn goodlooking! Chuck is such a great singer and has some awesome new songs! Also with him playing such an small event we might even beable to get a pic! Super excited! (Oh and make sure I stick with the beer!)

Anonymous said...

Be sure to let us know how this concert goes - I have never been to the Cabooze, but I hear it is a great time.

Chuck Wicks was at the State Fair last summer with Brad Paisley, I heard it was a great show.He has a loyal following in the Twin Cities so you better get there early!

Kristy said...

You could add Chuck Wicks to one of your best of 2008 lists . . .like "Best Looking Newcomers"