Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reba and Kelly 3

So I finally got to go to the Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson concert and it was totally worth the wait! My friend Jamie that I went with was running a little late. I was worried that we would miss part of the show but luckily I had valet parking passes. This is the first time I ever bought valet parking passes and I couldn't imagine going to another concert without one. I was able to pull right up to the Target Center and they took my car and parked it for me. Jamie and I ran inside grabbed a beer and went to our awesome seats. Barbra Jean from the hit show Reba open the concert with a comedy act for about 45 minutes. She was hilarious I found out she was born and raise in Minnesota. She joked around with the audience and talked about why she is proud to be from Minnesota. Kelly and Reba came out on the stage and for 2 hours sang each others songs together and sang a few on there own. They weren't great performers but both of there voices sounded better than they do on the radio or there Cd's so that made up for it. I got to hear every song I love from the two of them and a few great songs that I have never heard. I could go on forever about the concerts but those were just a few of the highlights of my night. I hope they come back to the Target Center or even the Xcel Energy Center so that I can see them again.

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Cortney said...

Oh fun! Sounds like you guys had a blast!